Constructora Vargas – Frequently Asked Questions

constructora vargas head office san juan del sur

What services does Constructora Vargas offer?

Constructora Vargas offers custom home construction, remodeling, architectural design, 3D modeling, building inspections, electrical and plumbing services, and custom furniture design and creation in the San Juan del Sur area of Nicaragua.

How can I contact Constructora Vargas?

You can contact Constructora Vargas via WhatsApp at +505 7665 7407, by phone at +505 2568 2593, by email at, or by visiting their office opposite the Lago Azul restaurant in San Juan del Sur.

What are Constructora Vargas’ office hours?

Constructora Vargas’ regular office hours are 8:30 AM – 5 PM daily Central American time. They offer extended hours until 10 PM upon request for estimates and quotes. Site visits can also be scheduled as needed.

Who are the key people at Constructora Vargas?

The key personnel at Constructora Vargas are Ricardo Vargas (Executive Director with a Masters in Civil Engineering), Natalie Sullivan (Advisers Manager from the US with over 25 years experience), and Rigoberto Vargas (Production Manager and Industrial Engineer).

Does Constructora Vargas offer services in English and Spanish?

Yes, Constructora Vargas offers bilingual support with services available in both English and Spanish.

Where is Constructora Vargas located?

Constructora Vargas is located in San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua. Their office is opposite the corner to the Lago Azul restaurant.

What is Constructora Vargas’ mission?

Constructora Vargas’ mission is to improve the quality of life of homeowners, investors, and developers by providing technical innovation in the residential construction industry in Nicaragua.

What is Constructora Vargas’ vision?

Constructora Vargas’ vision is to fully recognize the evolving needs of housing and urban infrastructure in the diverse cities of Nicaragua, by incorporating the success of their ongoing projects in San Juan del Sur.

Does Constructora Vargas engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives?

Yes, Constructora Vargas is involved in various corporate social responsibility efforts such as supporting local athletes, providing hurricane relief aid, and collaborating with educational institutions like Centro Tecnológico Gaspar Garcia Laviana.

What construction services does Constructora Vargas specialize in?

Constructora Vargas specializes in new constructions, housing remodeling, architectural design, 3D design, building inspections, quotations, home repair and maintenance, building supervision, electrical and plumbing services, and custom made furniture.

Does Constructora Vargas have a furniture store?

Yes, Constructora Vargas has an online furniture store that offers custom-made furniture pieces.

What transportation services does Constructora Vargas provide?

Constructora Vargas provides a 4×4 heavy haul pickup and delivery service using their Isuzu 5 Ton truck to transport materials and equipment for construction projects.

heavy load deliver pickup san juan del sur
Constructora Vargas Isuzu Truck Delivery pickup

What are Constructora Vargas’ core values?

Constructora Vargas’ core values are loyalty, honesty, social sensitivity, creativity, and responsibility.

How long has Constructora Vargas been in operation?

Constructora Vargas was established in 2017 after analyzing the supply and demand for construction services in the housing industry in Nicaragua.

What experience does Ricardo Vargas, the Executive Director, have?

Ricardo Vargas, the Executive Director, has over a decade of rich experience in civil engineering and project management. He has a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and has worked with NGOs, the private sector, and international agencies like GIZ and UNICEF.

What is Natalie Sullivan’s role at Constructora Vargas?

Natalie Sullivan is the Advisers Manager at Constructora Vargas. She has over 25 years of experience in sales and construction materials, and is also the general manager at Discover San Juan del Sur Real Estate.

What is Rigoberto Vargas’ role at Constructora Vargas?

Rigoberto Vargas is the Production Manager at Constructora Vargas. He is an Industrial Engineer with over a decade of experience in international industrial development and logistics.

Does Constructora Vargas offer building supervision services?

Yes, Constructora Vargas offers building supervision services to ensure flawless execution of construction projects under their vigilant oversight.

Building Inspections Rivas San Juan Del Sur

Does Constructora Vargas provide quotations for construction projects?

Yes, Constructora Vargas provides clear and detailed quotations for all construction projects.

What safety measures does Constructora Vargas take for construction sites?

Constructora Vargas emphasizes the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmets, safety boots, glasses, and gloves to ensure the safety of workers on construction sites.

Where is Constructora Vargas headquartered?

Constructora Vargas is headquartered in San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua. Their office is located opposite the corner to the Lago Azul restaurant.

What makes Constructora Vargas stand out in the construction industry?

Constructora Vargas stands out for its commitment to reliability, quality, transparent communication, and collaborative processes to ensure client visions are realized.

Does Constructora Vargas work on commercial construction projects?

Yes, in addition to residential projects, Constructora Vargas is equipped to handle commercial construction projects of various scales.

How does Constructora Vargas ensure sustainable practices?

Constructora Vargas blends local insights with sustainable practices, carefully selecting materials and methods to ensure homes are built to withstand the test of time while minimizing environmental impact.

Can Constructora Vargas assist with the design phase of a project?

Yes, Constructora Vargas offers architectural design services, collaborating with clients to create unique and functional spaces that reflect their vision.

What is Constructora Vargas?

Constructora Vargas is a leading construction company based in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua that specializes in custom home construction, remodeling, architectural design, 3D modeling, building inspections, electrical and plumbing services, and custom furniture creation.

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