3000W Gasoline Powered Portable Inverter Generator – 1 Day Hire

3000W Gasoline Powered Portable Inverter Generator – 1 Day Hire


This 3000W gasoline-powered portable inverter generator provides reliable power with low noise and fuel efficiency.



Power your outdoor adventures, job sites, and emergency backup needs with this reliable 3000W Gasoline Powered Portable Inverter Generator.

Featuring a powerful yet fuel-efficient engine, this generator delivers clean and stable power output, making it suitable for powering a wide range of electrical equipment and appliances.

The inverter technology ensures a pure sine wave output, protecting your sensitive electronics from voltage fluctuations and surges. With its compact and lightweight design, this generator is easy to transport and store, making it an ideal choice for camping trips, tailgating events, or as a backup power source during outages.

Subject to availability, the product you hire may differ from the product image displayed. A bond may be required for some of our hire products. Price quoted is per day. Add more days when ordering.

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