Wooden Crate with Metal Reinforcement and Lockable Latch

Wooden Crate with Metal Reinforcement and Lockable Latch


Handcrafted wooden crate featuring sturdy metal reinforcements and a lockable latch, perfect for secure storage or display.


Introducing our Rustic Wooden Crate with Metal Reinforcement and Lockable Latch, a versatile, durable, and secure storage solution handcrafted by our skilled artisans. This crate is made from high-quality wood, carefully selected for its strength and natural beauty. The wood is left unfinished to showcase its rustic charm and unique grain patterns.
To enhance the crate’s structural integrity, we’ve added metal reinforcements at key points. These metal accents not only provide added support but also contribute to the crate’s industrial-chic aesthetic. The combination of wood and metal creates a striking visual contrast that will complement a variety of decor styles, from rustic to modern.
For added security, we’ve incorporated a sturdy lockable latch, ensuring that your belongings stay safe and protected. This feature makes the crate ideal for storing valuable items or keeping contents private.
This spacious crate is perfect for a wide range of storage needs. Use it to organize tools in your workshop, store blankets and pillows in your living room, or display your favorite plants and decor items. The possibilities are endless.
The Rustic Wooden Crate with Metal Reinforcement and Lockable Latch is built to last, ensuring that you’ll enjoy its functionality and style for years to come. Its sturdy construction, generous size, and added security features make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces.
Dimensions: L 24″ x W 18″ x H 12″ (Approximate)
Materials: Unfinished wood, metal reinforcements, lockable metal latch
Handcrafted in Nicaragua by Constructora Vargas artisans
Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each crate may have slight variations in wood grain and metal patina, adding to its unique character.

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