Ancestral Echoes – Decorative Shelf with Pre-Columbian Motifs

Ancestral Echoes – Decorative Shelf with Pre-Columbian Motifs


Preserving our roots that characterize us as Nicaraguans, we bring you this decorative shelf inspired by pre-Columbian art. It is considered a special piece due to its details and structure, featuring a rustic and stepped design.

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Embrace the timeless beauty of Nicaraguan heritage with the “Ancestral Echoes” Decorative Shelf. This exquisite piece is a tribute to the rich pre-Columbian history, meticulously handcrafted from the finest Laurel Wood to ensure durability and a smooth finish. The shelf’s design is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and historical significance, featuring a stepped structure that is both eye-catching and functional.

Key Features:
Material Excellence: Constructed from high-quality Laurel Wood, known for its robustness and attractive grain.
Cultural Design: Inspired by the intricate artistry of pre-Columbian civilizations, this shelf brings a piece of Nicaraguan ancestry into your home.
Dimensions: With a height of 80 cm and a width of 43.5 cm, the shelf is compact yet spacious enough to display various decorative items. The total thickness of 10 cm ensures a sturdy build.

Artistic Figures: Adorned with figures ranging from 4 to 5 inches in height, each one is a nod to the ancient art forms that have shaped Nicaraguan culture.

Unique Aesthetic: The rustic and stepped design, complemented by natural branches, adds an organic touch to your living space, making it a focal point of any room.
The “Ancestral Echoes” shelf is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a conversation starter, a statement of cultural pride, and a functional decor item that will enhance the ambiance of your home or office. Bring home this special piece and let the echoes of the past enrich your modern living space.

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