Oak Harmony Rustic Stools – Pair

Oak Harmony Rustic Stools – Pair


These charming stools blend the exquisite beauty of oak wood with a distinctive rustic touch. Their circular seat and three wooden legs exhibit a harmonious balance between exceptional comfort and durability. It’s the perfect choice to infuse charm and authenticity into any environment.

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Discover the timeless elegance of our Oak Harmony Rustic Stools, where the natural allure of oak wood meets a simple yet robust design. Each stool features a smoothly rounded seat, offering a comfortable perch for daily use.

Supported by three sturdy legs, these stools are crafted to provide stability and enduring strength.

The compact size, with a height of 45 cm and a diameter of 30 cm, makes them a versatile addition to any space seeking a touch of warmth and rustic charm. Ideal for kitchens, cafes, or creative spaces, these stools are not just seating options but a statement of enduring craftsmanship and organic beauty.

2x Stools

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