Artisan Teak and Cedar Serving Tray

Artisan Teak and Cedar Serving Tray


Explore rustic sophistication with our exclusive handmade trays. The first, meticulously carved from warm teak wood, stands out for its natural charm and durability. The second, a cedar jewel, captivates with its subtle aroma and unmatched texture. These trays are not just accessories but sensory experiences that add a distinctive touch to your special moments.…


Embrace the allure of natural wood with our handcrafted Teak and Cedar Serving Tray.

Each piece is a testament to the beauty of handiwork, bringing the warmth of teak and the gentle scent of cedar into your home. These trays aren’t just practical; they’re a feast for the senses, enhancing every occasion with their rustic sophistication.

Teak Wood Tray: Revel in the robust charm of our teak wood tray, a durable and visually stunning piece that promises to be a conversation starter. Its rich grains and smooth finish make it an ideal choice for serving or as a statement piece in your decor.

Cedar Wood Tray: Fall in love with the understated elegance of our cedar wood tray. Its fine texture and soothing aroma provide a unique sensory experience, making it a perfect backdrop for your culinary creations or as an aromatic addition to any room.

Product Details:
Height: 8cm – Width: 30cm – Length: 45cm

Handmade with attention to detail.
Crafted from high-quality teak and cedar woods.
Durable construction with a natural finish.
Versatile use for serving or decorative purposes.

Experience the perfect fusion of function and artisanal beauty with our exclusive wooden tray. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or looking for that special touch in your living space, these trays elevate every moment.

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